Silver Laced Wyandotte hen

Silver Laced Wyandotte

hen at Farpoints Farm

Columbian Barred Rock hens taking over a lamb jug

Columbian Barred Rock hens

Farpoints Farm Hens

"The Ladies," as we fondly call them, are a flock of between 15 and 20 hens of various breeds and crosses. They delight us with their behaviors; it's an added benefit to the other services they provide us. They give us delicious eggs and provide pest control on the farm. They are free range and only secured in their hen house after dark to prevent owl predation. We also offer them organic layer feed and whatever table scraps we have on hand.

When production is up and we have many more eggs than we can use in the house, we sell them locally. Eggs are variety of colors ranging from tan to dark brown, pink and green.

Black Copper Maran Pullets

Black Copper Maran pullets
Collecting eggs

Australorp hen

Australorp hen at Farpoints Farm