Feeding the stock

feeding the sheep

Farpoints Farm sheep

Lambs play "king of the mountain," too.

lambs on a hill

Triplets born on a very cold February 2014 day.

Triplet sheep

Farpoints Farm Sheep

We have hair sheep, those bred to produce no wool so they do not need shearing and to produce ample meat. Currently our flock is composed of Katahdin and Katahdin/American Blackbelly cross ewes. Our ram is a pure bred Dorper.

Our flock grazes on grass for most of the year and is fed premium grass hay during the winter. We feed handfuls of grain on a regular basis to keep our sheep accustomed to being handled. Hair sheep are parasite resistant and easy keepers. Our ewes lamb easily, frequently having twins or triplets. Their meat is mild and completely chemical-free.

Katahdin lamb, Spring 2013

Katahdin lamb

Farpoints sheep
Farpoints sheep